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About me

female, Uruguay

Noctemus is my journal which I use to mostly post fandom related things. That can be art ideas, fic ideas or anything else that strikes my fancy. Every once in a while I post RL though those post are friends locked.

Currently my obsession is Hawaii Five 0 so my creative work has been revolved around that fandom. My other favorite show is Supernatural, Sam being my favorite character.

I do not abide with slander/bashing of any of the actors or actresses on any of the show that I follow. I find that type of behavior demeaning. Like many of you I have characters I don't like and I might or might not voice them but I don't let that spill over to RL.

I speak Spanish, English, Swedish and Norwegian. You’re free to contact me in either of the languages :D


TV – Hawaii Five 0, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Criminal Minds, NCIS, CSI:Miami, Blood Ties, Numbers, White Collar...

Movies - The Losers, Gabriel, The Covenant, Swordfish and once I remember the rest I'll list them too.

Music - Breaking Benjamin, 30 second to Mars, The Rasmus, Theory of a Deadman, Nickelback, Daughtry and a bunch of others.

the Art

I spend a great deal of my time either writing or painting/drawing. I dabble in several fandoms and tend to work on multiple projects at the same time.

Unfortunately, that tends to mean that my art updates are not as regularly as I'd like. I post Work in Progress, Overview or what I also like to call Step by Step - SBS as I detail what and how I do things.

Those will be located in this journal.

Preferred mediums are: Photoshop 7 and Wacom Intous 4.

my communities

After a lot of thought and talk with my sister bdrixhaettc we have decided to share two communities. One which will host all our fiction in any and all fandoms that we dabble with and one where we will have all our COMPLETED art.

Those two communities are:


PROFILE CODE - current profile is based on this.
LAYOUT based on some of the designs located at fruitstyle. For full disclaimer: read here.



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